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Civic Innovation YYC is a program run by the City of Calgary and creates new ways for citizens and businesses to share, collaborate and test ideas for improving city services.

Below are a series of challenges the city is currently facing. If you have a good idea and solution that can help, we want to hear from you by submitting your idea!

Have an idea that's more broad-reaching? No problem, we have the ‘Efficient, Innovative and Better Every Day’ challenge that's asking citizens for ways to share solutions that could help us cut red tape and make it easier to work with government.

By logging in you can also vote and comment on ideas that have already been shared by the community.

Current Challenges

+15s as Economic Accelerators

How might Calgary's +Plus 15 network support entrepreneurs and economic opportunity? The City of Calgary is seeking to test creative solutions that: • offer opportunities for entrepreneurs to work, connect and create in +15 networks • increase economic activity in the +15's between buildings Selected solutions will be piloted in Calgary's +15's in 2018. We are interested in approaches that include design, the integration of streetscapes, spaces to gather, co-work, grow business and test new concepts.

Light and Social Well Being in Calgary

How might we use LIGHT to make Calgary a more vibrant, livable place? The City of Calgary is seeking to test creative solutions that: • enhance the experience and use of public spaces at night • illuminate the places you play and gather with family and friends • unlock opportunities to integrate social well being into communities Proposed solutions should aim to achieve these outcomes in neighbourhoods in Calgary. Selected solutions will be piloted through the Vivacity ( 24 hour challenge, which Vivacity brings together students from across Calgary's post-secondary institutions to innovate, co-create and implement solutions to local challenges, making our city more vibrant, livable and sustainable.

Efficient, Innovative & Better Every Day

"What is your #1 idea for improving city services? How could they be more simple, efficient or innovative?"Are you ready to roll up your sleeves to make this city even more amazing? If so, this is the place to start. Share your solutions that could help us cut red tape and make government more innovative and efficient. We are committed to making life better every day but we need your help to make it happen.Challenge Champions: Civic Innovation YYC Share Your Idea!

Storm Pond Sediment

“What ideas or solutions might the City of Calgary, industry partners and communities explore to reduce cleaning and disposal costs associated with stormwater ponds?”Calgary has over 130 stormwater ponds that provide an invaluable service to Calgary’s communities. The ponds absorb stormwater run-off during rain events and help to mitigate flooding risks from storms and prevent sediments from flowing into Calgary’s creeks and rivers. Over time stormwater ponds fill up with sediment that is costly to remove and there is no current use for the material.Challenge Champion: Francois Bouchart (Manager, Infrastructure Planning)

Featured Ideas

Looking for inspiration? Here are a few ideas submitted by citizens like you.

Urban Beach

Gal, Brad

There are several locations along the river in Calgary that would make great spots for urban sand beaches. This would provide Calgarians with a pla...

Net Votes: 5   Number of Comments: 2

One Business, One Number- CRA id...

Ruddy, Amber

Currently, government programs use different means to identify business clients. This results in businesses having to use multiple identifiers when...

Net Votes: 4   Number of Comments: 3

You Can Go Your Own Way

Kehoe, Carol

Update the Plus 15 systems with consideration of universal design to to improve accessibility for all, to help overcome visible and not so visibl...

Net Votes: 1   Number of Comments: 3

Volunteer Polling Station Greeters

Macaulay, Cheri

Simple idea based on Wal-Mart greeters: have volunteer polling station greeters welcome everyone as they arrive at the polling station and thank th...

Net Votes: 3   Number of Comments: 3

Message from
Mayor Nenshi

Calgary is a city full of innovators, and now is the time for you to roll up your sleeves and bring that innovative thinking into local government.

We're committed to working together with you, the innovators of Calgary, to create new solutions to improve the lives of Calgarians.

Together, we can turn ideas into action.

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