A Vibrant, Safe Intersection

A Vibrant, Safe Intersection

"How might we improve the vibrancy, safety and experience of the corner of Macleod Trail and 7th Ave SE?"

Note: This challenge is now closed to new ideas at this time. Selected ideas are moving forward for further development and are still open for comments.

The corner of northbound Macleod Trail and 7th Avenue SE is an important commuter hub. We are looking for ideas that could connect the old Central Library and surrounding public spaces and transit infrastructure. Be a part of revitalizing this important intersection.

Challenge Champions: Bill Ptacek (CEO Calgary Public Library) & Owen Key (Chief Security Officer, City of Calgary)


Library and 7th Avenue Intersection Challenge

Background Information

There’s no doubt the intersection of Macleod Trail and 7th Avenue SE is full of energy, life and people, yet many Calgarians are reluctant to spend time in this area because they feel the neighborhood is unsafe, stressful, unwelcoming and congested. 

Calgarians frequently observe and report antisocial and unlawful behaviors taking place at this intersection in particular.  At the same time, Calgarians have a shared interest in enticing families with children, students, seniors, newcomers, tourists and others to this amenity rich, convenient and dynamic location in the heart of our city. 

We want you to get thinking about this and we challenge you to see where you think you could make a difference. Do you have an idea that you think could help to make this area of our city more welcoming? Perhaps you have seen other approaches or programs that have worked in other areas of our city or other municipalities?  We encourage you to think differently about what pathway your idea could take and how this idea could be turned into action to enhance this area and make it more welcoming.

Related Links

Use these links as a jumping off point, but don’t be afraid to push the limits with your ideas. Think big, think differently and think about how you can work with government to make Calgary a better place to live.

Our Commitment

Where possible, Civic Innovation YYC will micro fund* the development of great ideas that come from citizens, businesses and City employees to improve civic services. We are committing to work with idea submitters to test at least three of the top** ideas from each challenge submitted on this platform.

* This program uses a "low cost/no cost" prototyping model to support the first stages of testing when exploring an idea. A small budget for materials and resources may be available for the testing at the direction of the Civic Innovation Program and the Challenge Champion.

** The final ranking of top ideas is determined in a 2 stage process – first by popular vote, and then through the evaluation by the Civic Innovation Internal Advisory and Challenge Champion.

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