Voter Experience

Voter Experience

“How might we improve the voter experience so that the next Municipal election has the highest voter turnout in Calgary’s history?”

Note: This challenge is now complete and the summary documents are available to learn more: Hand off Presentation, Data Analytics, and Scenarios

In the 2013 municipal election, only 39.43% of eligible voters participated in the general election. This is compared to a turnout of 53.39% in the 2010 election. That means 2 out of 3 eligible voters did not cast a ballot. The City has piloted new ways of improving that experience like the Advance Vote Bus, but we are looking for other creative ways to engage more people in the future.

Challenge Champion: Sue Gray (Director, City Clerks)


Voter Experience Challenge

Background Information on the Municipal Election

The City of Calgary election is one of the most important ways you can shape the direction of the city you live in. It’s your opportunity as a citizen to vote for the person who you think will best lead our city and improve its civic services and public spaces for the benefit of the community.

We are looking for innovative ways to engage citizens in the election process and increase voter turnout. We want to provide even better access to citizens and inspire them to get out and vote. We've included access to a breakdown of election data and engagement results to inspire you.

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Use these as a jumping off point, but don’t be afraid to push the limits with your ideas. Think big, think differently and think about how you can work with government to make Calgary a better place to live.

Additional Data

To help you build on your ideas, please use the incredible Open Data resources The City of Calgary has to offer. These resources may help you to discover, plan and develop your ideas further.

Our Commitment

Where possible, Civic Innovation YYC will micro fund* the development of great ideas that come from citizens, businesses and City employees to improve civic services. We are committing to work with idea submitters to test at least three of the top** ideas submitted for each challenge on this platform.

* This program uses a "low cost/no cost" prototyping model to support the first stages of testing when exploring an idea. A small budget for materials and resources may be available for the testing at the direction of the Civic Innovation Program and the Challenge Sponsor.

** The final ranking of top ideas is determined in a 2 stage process – first by popular vote, and then through the evaluation by the Civic Innovation Internal Advisory and Challenge Champion

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