City of Calgary Mayor's Innovation Challenge

City of Calgary Mayor's Innovation Challenge

How might we advance innovative energy solutions on the path to net zero in order to achieve economic, social and environmental resilience?

The transition to a cleaner, prosperous economy needs to be both an immediate priority and a sustained effort over the years and decades ahead. This important transition is why Canada has set a net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions target by 2050. One way to meet Canada's long-term and interim goals is for municipalities to keep innovating, strengthening, and building on existing measures. We want Calgary to be a magnet for new talent and to leverage our existing talent to become a world leader in advancing innovative energy solutions, and we want to establish The City of Calgary as a collaborative partner in achieving those goals. The Mayor's Innovation Challenge invites creative thinkers across all walks of life to identify how The City of Calgary can advance policies, new processes, and technologies to generate opportunity while contributing to Canada's climate goals.

Challenge Champion: Mayor Naheed Nenshi


Calgary is an economic force and a catalyst for today's trailblazers. There's an intense, urban vitality here that unleashes the bold, can-do spirit of entrepreneurs and innovators.  In every endeavour, we are risk-takers and visionaries, and we are thriving. This is why Calgary is the best place in Canada to demonstrate what contributions a City can make to helping put Canada on the path to net-zero emissions. As a municipality, we provide a large suite of services to make life better every day for those who live, work, and play within Calgary. These services take significant planning and coordination across multiple businesses in addition to goods, technology, and energy to keep our operations running efficiently and effectively.

Addressing the way energy is generated, transported, and used is at the core of finding solutions to put us on the path to net-zero emissions by 2050. While we all have a role to play in supporting a transition to more efficient and lower emissions energy systems, The Mayor's Innovation Challenge is a call to all creative thinkers to help identify innovative energy solutions, within the control of our municipal government, to achieve economic, environmental and social resilience This means, we are specifically looking for ideas that relate to the technologies and services we use, the processes that support our operations, or the policies that impact how we build and grow our city.

Successful innovators who are selected as finalists to Mayor's Innovation Challenge will gain access to:

  • A network of subject matter experts (engineering, financial, supply chain and more);
  • Innovation champions and accelerators to help foster the idea from concept into testing phase;
  • Grant funding to take select ideas through testing, feedback and development within Calgary municipal operations.

See for more information on the challenge. Come and join us in being part of the energy!