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10-Minute Neighbourhood

Diverse neighbourhood teams to compete to successfully build a 10-minute neighbourhood that allows people to access life’s daily necessities within a 10 minute walk.

Why is this an ambitious idea?

Calgarians are starting to realize that walkable cities are more pleasant and more economical to live in. Given the history of Land-Use in Calgary (i.e. separated commercial from residential areas & lack of people-centric areas) few Calgary neighborhoods live up to the 10 minute neighbourhood (destination centric and accessibility)

How do we measure the effectiveness of this idea?

The ability to retain, create, and enhance 10 minute neighborhoods has benefits for users of the neighborhood and benefits for the community as a whole. Calgarians will become healthier and socially connected. The neighbourhoods will have a stronger economy (real estates, diverse retail)

How is this idea attainable through the use of technology or data?

A 10 minute neighborhood has two primary features – lots of places to walk to, and a way to get to those places on foot. For the analysis, this is mapped in term of two primary inputs (destinations & accessibility). Technology will be used to map assets, walk distances and neighbourhood attributes. Data such as walking distances, health records of neighbourhoods, economic data (real estate, business licenses etc), and municipal data on culture, city services and economics.

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