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A smart city is a safe city

At Genetec, we are committed to increasing public safety and collaboration inside cities and communities and believe that, in order to create and maintain thriving public spaces, groups, including urban planners, city managers, security experts, enterprise executives, and community leaders, must work together to achieve true public safety. And a cornerstone of this open and collaborative approach is the development and implementation of multipurpose technology.

What will change for Calgarians if we solve this problem? (Measurable)

"These solutions help cities plan and manage critical aspects of daily life more efficiently–including public safety, traffic, transportation and infrastructure.


How could we make it happen with technology or data? (Attainable)

"We achieve this through the use of innovative technology and the promotion of public safety initiatives:
- Citywide Surveillance including schools, universities and private partners
- Situational Awareness leveraging all of the cities technological assets
- Response Coordination between all the city's public safety departments
- Intelligent Mobility providing traffic information to all the city's transportation agencies
- Parking Management
- Public-Private Collaboration engaging the community

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