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A technology (Information Technology) hub in the city of Calgary

As a strategic means of economic diversification,proper utilization of immigration policies,positioning of the city of calgary on the world map,encouraging technological advancement and discovery as well as a means of providing economic growth,the city needs a technological hub zoned out for the purpose of incubating and housing technological startups including entrepreneurial IT startups by immigrants and institutional collaborative research groups and bodies in the area of information technology and artificial intelligence. This part of the city will be zoned appropriately to provide access the down town area as well as the airport and equipped with the infrastructure and needed legislature to allow it birth the next biggest Information technology world giants,advance research in this field,create employment,provide IT tourism and generate an information technology boom that will lead to economic diversification and growth for the city and province at large.

Why is this an ambitious idea?

Calgary and the province are in need of economic diversification and the implementation of an idea of this nature will not only boost economic growth through a shift from oil,it will also encourage a boom in the information technology sector allowing for more jobs,innovation,knowledge export and tourism.

How do we measure the effectiveness of this idea?

Calgarians will enjoy the benefits of :
-A boost in employment rate,growth of a new economic sector,
-Advancement in IT research and artificial intelligence,
-Inspiration for younger Calgarians
-Higher internally generated revenue from knowledge exportation and tourism
-A city they will be even more proud of.

How is this idea attainable through the use of technology or data?

We can make this happen through public private partnerships,collaborations with educational and research institutions,Government funding,encouraging immigration of information technology entrepreneurs and development of new policies that will protect,fund and provide strategy for this idea.

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