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Access Everywhere ("Accessibility" layer in Google Maps)

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We successfully pitched our "Access Everywhere" initiative to Google on May 16th and the following is the link to the video:


We're planning on holding an event to bring awareness to the issue that may include a hackathon, accessibility walk, and accessibility summit likely in the Fall. We'll be working with Google over the coming months leveraging their experimental technology to create an "accessibility" layer in Google Maps similar to what you see for pedestrians, public transit and vehicles. Hopefully we'll also be able to develop an indoor view (similar to Google street-view) to navigate through downtown buildings via the +15 Skywalk system. We've received very positive feedback and support this past week and plan on interfacing this initiative with other community partners such as the University of Calgary and have already been contacted by the YYC Airport to support us with "Access Everywhere" to make Calgary the most "accessible" city in Canada and perhaps the world.


For more information, visit and if you would like to get involved, please feel free to contact Kris Hans at

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