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An upstream approach to urban development and economic benefits

If we are striving to build Calgary into a "resilient, inclusive and accessible community" then we do need a revolution. We need to look at new ways of building our city and supporting the wellbeing of us all. No more urban sprawl: stop all development of any new communities and focus on making the vast suburbs we have into complete communities and enriching the spaces we already have created. There is absolutely no need for this city to grow outward anymore. We need people with innovative ideas on how to manage property taxes. Fund and incentivize affordable housing. How is it possible that so many people living here struggle to pay rent? What is at the root of that? We need UPSTREAM thinking and integrated system change. Public health measures that look at having people's basic needs met and human rights fulfilled. Promote public and active transportation by creating more efficient transit routes, more pedestrian and cycling zones, have free trams going north south (eg 5th and 1st streets) downtown to connect 17th Ave to 7th Ave. We need more green space and protection of our riparian areas for flood resiliency and we need to start looking upstream and protecting our watershed areas which are key to flood mitigation. Plant more trees and native flood/drought resilient plants. We need massively bigger buffer zones around waterways. We need to draw on Indigenous knowledge keepers to help guide how we move forward to protecting our natural environment, because investing in nature will create healthier more resilient communities. we need to start the journey of returning power to Indigenous communities. We need to encourage more urban farming opportunities and sharing spaces. We need much stricter building regulations that aim for net zero carbon, grey water systems and micro production of renewable energy -- this will create a huge space for tech and business innovation and jobs. What about turbines in city water pipe systems that can generate energy? Using existing wells for geothermal energy? We need to start encouraging people to think outside the box and reap the benefits from a new way of doing things. Let's try to stimulate more of a circular economic system to encourage reduction of waste, new business opportunities and local resilience.

Banning plastics and creating opportunities for biodegradable alternatives.

Why is this an ambitious idea?

It is ambitious because it means saying YES to a new way of life. It is a future of empowered communities, re-connecting with the natural world and by doing so harnessing the enormous potential of healthy ecosystems, renewable energy and human ingenuity. This is about working with the environment not against it. It is about LONGTERM planning and commitment, not just looking to the next fiscal cycle. It is about PROSPERITY for all, not just some - which makes us all stronger and happier people. It is about learning from our mistakes, not repeating them. It is about RESPECTING the wisdom of those whose peoples have lived on this land for thousands of years. It is about recognizing that all things are INTER-CONNECTED and INTER-DEPENDENT, that humans do not exist in isolation of each other or the world around us. It is about using less of everything and making the most of what we take. It is about treating others with kindness and dignity.

How do we measure the effectiveness of this idea?

- decreased # of cars on the road; lowering avg GHG emissions and increased production of renewable energy; decreased waste; decrease in households living below poverty line; decreased homelessness; increased amount of green space and healthier natural ecosystems in and around the city; more investment in circular economic strategies

How is this idea attainable through the use of technology or data?

The models and tools already exist - we just need leaders willing to use them and commit to them. We need every decision made to have this vision in mind and they must always align with these principles of being "resilient, inclusive and accessible" as a litmus test. We need to work with existing industries to move toward cleaner and greener technology solutions and putting more money in the pockets of Canadians and less in foreign banks. Is there a minimum local investment opportunity? It is time for governments and decision-makers at all levels to do what they are meant to do: consider the well-being of the people and environment they serve. We need a revolution that prioritizes principles of global citizenship in all leadership. The technology is there but it needs to be incentivized to flow into creations that fit with this vision. early childhood development investment, basic income, rent control, rent subsidies, complete neighbourhood development, active transportation, investment in students and newcomers. So many solutions exist - it's about putting them into action. Host more live hackathons to stimulate innovation, bring business, NGO, civil society together to solve problems together. We need to invest in people, the technology will follow.
We need our planners and government to start looking at things holistically and as interconnected.
The prairie climate centre
Follow recommendations made by Sustainable Calgary, Alberta Riparian Habitat Management, and other experts in this field.
Give more to Momentum and Thrive and local business investment
Give scholarships for tech and green business training and promote synergies -- use networks and technologies already existing and those being developed
Breakdown silos using technologies to connect needs and new business ideas, jobs and people looking for work experience, harnessing volunteers and youth
Use the Climate reality project benchmarks
Listen to people already living off the grid, and engineers who can create new efficiencies and new systems
Technology + diverse voices + nature + equity = solutions
Now is the time for bold leadership and urgent action.
Money is a human construct, we created it and now it's time we gain control of it again, not let it control and subjugate us anymore.

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