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Attach IoT sensors to gather and analyze big data on COC Bridges

Since the construction of the first Calgary bridge in 1888, The City and its surrounding area have had built over seventy-five pedestrian, vehicle and rail bridges. Based on the wide distribution of these infrastructures throughout The City, it provides multiple opportunities to not only gather valuable data to monitor bridge health (the load on the bridge and vibrations), but also water flow forces (pressure of the water and level of the water rising in the river). The third added and significant benefit are these sensors would also allow for locally measured climate impact data to further enable the planning, adaption and mitigation pertinent to The City of Calgary’s climate resiliency. This can be accomplished far easier by the latest technology that allows the ability to gather large amount of data by using tools such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and incorporating longer range, lower power connectivity through products incorporating IEEE 802.11ah devices.

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