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Beet ice and snow before Calgarians erupt

Beet 55 and Zeolite as snow and ice removers are a great innovation I first recall hearing about in the 1990's on a CTV news report about this idea by University of Colorado researchers.

I then followed up with my own research on this topic(not applied, but other reports os same). This idea then reverberated in my thinking since that time.

Due to the last few years of very unwalkable and slippery streets as senior pedestrian I have been most interested in a better solution than salt, and other methods. Also, due to reading or seeing daily reports in the news about roadway, vehicular mayhem.

Then in the Metro News of the last month or so my inerest in Beet55 and Zeolite was once again reignited.

We have the knowledge, research, science, and new ideas to solve problems so why not just try them with pilot projects instead of sticking, like sticks in mud to old trite, and archaic solutions that weren't that great as solutions in the first place.

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