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Bridlewood Pond

Hello Calgary,


This idea has been in my head (and I have shared it with my colleagues and they love the idea too) and I am finally willing to share it. In Bridlewood, on the side of the 24th street, there is this huge greenspace that is completely empty except for a couple trees along the houses. The grass is basically dried out and it is just colorless and quite frankly, it is empty and just plain old boring. The field is almost always empty except for those rare people walking their dogs.


So my idea is, why dont we build a man-made pond and maybe even possibly stock it with fish. A lot of communities in Calgary have a pond (or lake) where people can come together and they can fish, have a picnic, etc. Having a pond built in this area would be beautiful and I think this would allow kids and adults to get out more often to fish and to just relax. This area is currently not being used for anything and as far as I know, there are no plans to build anything so I think this would be a perfect opportunity. I have had this idea for along time and I have been dying just picturing a pond built here.


I will include an image that will show where I think this pond will be good for. As you will be able to see in the picture, the grass is dried up (I havent seen this area have green grass since I moved to Bridlewood). This area isnt that big so I dont think it would be a major, expensive project and I think it would be done relatively quickly.

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