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Calgary Entrepreneur Competition

Calgary Entrepreneurs Competition for planting the seed of entrepreneurship at an early age and opportunity for entrepreneurs ideas to success or to have a chance , The Competition based on encouraging and facilitating the delivery of the idea of business and the business of the future among people by providing real business environment and integrated to ensure the graduation of generations of entrepreneurs capable of innovation and creativity within the competitive business environment.


CEC will provide :

• Opportunity for ideas from all across Alberta starting from Calgary.

• Investments opportunity

• Social cooperation and local business support

• Increase the creativity impact and finding talented people

• The challenge provides a learning experience with many benefits

• Development of enterprise skills

• Thinking creatively to produce innovative solutions to major challenges


The competition, funded by sponsorship, aims to encourage an entrepreneurial culture for the benefit of the Calgary economy.


CEC Vision:


CEC is meant to fulfill a social need and promote free enterprise at the same time, while also curating meaningful connections among our generation’s most successful entrepreneurs.

“If we can create a series of mentorship programs for aspiring entrepreneurs, and unprecedented access to high-level resources and connections for creative people at the same time, then we’ve achieved something very powerful.”


CEC will cover ideas as :

• Arts ( Painting, Modern art, Photography)

• IT ( Online business, Apps, software)

• Fashion & Hand Products

• Education ( writers, books)

• Entertainment

• Health

• Environmental solutions

• Trading

• Foods products


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