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Calgary Transit Idea: Transit Card Passes & Fares

The change with Calgary Transit Passes to Card passes is to reduce the monthly fee payment among transit riders and citizens of the costly transit passes that are very close to reaching $100 per pass. The simple way we can reduce the cost of passes and fares is to replace them with new Card Passes and Fares.

Card Passes and Fares will replace a the majority of the paper pass and fare, the costly price of the monthly payment for a new ticket, and the waste of paper that is printed for them.


As a born-Calgarian, I have been taken transit since high school and will continue to do so in my life. However, with the monthly passes costing a lot of people, I want it to make it fare for some who take transit minimally or for granted. I only use transit two times a day (except the weekends) for school only, and it sucks that I still pay the same price for a monthly pass as oppose to someone who takes transit to visit places or uses it to go to a friend's house or to their local stores.


In the attachment, I have supplied more information and how these card passes work and exemplars of the ideas I have for them. Hope you take the time to read through it and take the idea into consideration! ( I really recommend it.) Thank you!

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