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Centralized Mobile Application For Affordable Housing Initiative

Create a City of Calgary centralized mobile application that will improve the cities delivery of service our existing & new communities, it will address the major concerns of existing communities where affordable housing initiatives take place. This will be done by:

- Using a Community/Neighbourhood function to address security concerns like adding a Neighbourhood Watch reporting function to make it easy for everyone to participate in their safety and security, and gain access to cameras within their community that they can monitor.

- Using a Community Board function to discuss issues concerning location, aesthetic design, smart construction, increasing safety & security.

- Vote Function can obtain results faster and cost effectively for more detailed analysis so that the affordable housing initiative are a more accepted addition to our different communities.

- Additional functionalities can be added to the Mobile application platform to help monitor, report and follow up on different affordable housing initiatives e.g. Crime watch & public security concerns, development stages, communities welcoming new residents and getting to know the neighbourhood, its by-laws and where to access amenities via the mobile based lesson followed by a quiz to ensure they understand the rules and regulations before the keys are released.

- Cut down the cost of managing affordable housing initiatives so we can invest in better materials to build these homes with Passive characteristics, Solar roofs for heating and electricity, and Green roofs to increase the amount of greenery. It makes more sense to build affordable homes that are beautiful, low maintenance and in which the new residents can afford to pay for utilities. (e.g. ICF or insulated rammed earth homes with a minimum standard of triple pain windows).

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