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City Light Electricity and App Network (CLEAN)

The City Light Electricity and App Network (CLEAN) is an initiative that consists of a number of technologies that already exist in some form (in the areas of solar and wind energy; digital sensors; motion-activated street lights, the Smart Grid; EV technology; and mapping apps), but brought together in an innovative way to improve the city in livability, sustainability and community. The idea won the 2015 TechniCity contest for the best project in applying technology to improve the city. A full presentation can be seen here https://prezi.com/h0b0ltrb_pqy/clean/


I would suggest beginning with a pilot program to test how much surplus energy can be generated from a motion-activated, solar and wind powered street light. Then, any community willing to test out the project on a community scale should be rewarded at least half the savings in energy costs the city would reap.

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