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Hello. First need to thank the City of Calgary for service. Also we are all must appreciate the City to have a privacy with the fences. Many cities does not permit to have any fences.

Before to explain about our idea - project want to ask. When last time did you look at Calgary from the back alleys and how do you like if see the ugly fences ?

Any improvement what the City will give us will be in the city properties. The private section will be same with the ugly fences .

We have an idea - project how to improve the city appearance .

Technical side. What is about ?

This is about the fences.

We estimated around 2 % of all fences ( back alleys, screening panels, community-public ) require a part or a full renovation. We have bylaw but it works between the neighbors only means the City does not help in the private properties. It is good when both neighbors want to build and share the expenses . But usually people easy to find an excuse than will pay money. Plus life corrects our circumstances including financial and very often the fences stay far away from any attention. Or because nobody asks so what is a reason to take a care or spend money. Also statistics of Calgary shows than we have enough low income families .

And we are thinking need to change, help, improve the city image because our property is the city of Calgary.

Because all fences inside the city are urban means not just belong to the property owner ( the city is not a farm) we found the principle of an union can work and help very well. When each one pays almost nothing but all make a big difference.

By math, productivity, family budget the union will work on 40,000 dwellings.

For an example.

From N.E.

Castleridge- 1983 dwellings , Falconridge-3513, Malbourough park -3095,,Malbourough 3117, Martindale -4062, Pineridge 3773, Taradale-4916, Temple 3686, Rundle 3814, Sadleridge 3646, Whitehorn 3920, Coral Springs-1542.


Total 41,067 dwellings.

Take 40,000 for an easy math.


2% require a part or a full renovation.

40,000 x 2 % = 800 dwellings

Maximum payment must be no more than $ 3/month/. each door.

40,000 dwellings x $ 3 /month = $ 120,000/ month

$10,000 administration.


$120,000-$10,000= $110,000 will go directly to renovation.

If $ 14 /foot - labor , $ 5/foot -demolish, dumping plus a dump fee, $ 15/foot - material = $34/foot with 4" x 4" post and 6' height like a fortress style.

$110,000 : $ 34/foot = 3,200 feet /month.

Average length of the fence for one property = 90 '.


Total 800 dwelling x 90' = 72,000 feet


72,000 feet : 3,200 feet / month = 22 months. Or 3 seasons ( from April to October - 7 months).

In another words one team ( 4-5 guys) can fix all fences in one union ( 40,000 dwellings ) in 3-4 years.

Bylaw says the property;s fences stay under owner's expenses.

So 72,000 feet x $ 34 / foot = $ 2,448,000 will go to the union to update the traffic sighs <,for example, or finish the fence renovation in a shorter period.

Ignorance of the laws does not absolve a responsibility .

If owner does not keep the fences by bylaw must pay a penalty.


An additional revenue = 800 dwellings x $ 300 = $ 240,000.

If it works for one union in the city can be any amounts .


Because this is a community service any owner can pay the amount in full or drop in 3-4 parts, or apply for a discount.


We have $ 100,000 cash for a start, the team with the full equipment and experience .

Big volume of lumber helps to keep same price during renovation. Also the recycling companies like Ecco recycling they are interested in a big amount of the wooden waste.


Beside of money this project will bring the positive attitude to everyone.


By our experience all likes the clean, strong, nice looking private fences.


Thank you very much.

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