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CoHousing proponent :)

A Community Economic Development initiative that is currently in the planning phase. Mixed commercial/residential co housing from "retirement" to hospice. The community will be designed to support people through varying types of loss -aging in place with internal and external community supports. It comprises three revenue generating, purpose driven, charitable social enterprises that will be operated by the community. Target group will be Calgary community military and first responder veterans (includes police, firefighters and paramedics), care providers and dedicated community volunteers. The focus areas of:

1. economic opportunity - for retirees (which is becoming more necessary as government spending increases),

2. empowerment and inclusion - does not rely on health or social systems to support communities. The operation is designed to reconnect people to community grass-roots cooperation and social inclusion.

3. environmental quality - traditional production of food and sustainable housing (outlined in The Prince's Foundation)

4. health living and recreation - comprises the determinants of health, and offers opportunities for others to be engaged through health, education and recreation,

5. mobility and safety - it provides its residents (who may suffer from dementia) with a safe space to explore their world.

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