Phase 3 Share your ideas! (Completed) March 19 - April 2

Consolidate, Densify, Invite, Entice, Grow

Consolidate - Find a low density/high vacancy section (existing infrastructure) OR new area of development of the Downtown core.

Densify - Rezone a few blocks including vacant commercial buildings into residential living

Invite - Invite smart city tech companies. Either: a) 1 or 2 large companies (i.e.Google - Sidewalk Labs) OR b) 5-6 small startups to use these commercial buildings and build an entire smart ecosystem from ground up

Entice - Give them incentives (depending on which company, use incentives from Amazon proposal), but also integrate a clause that they have to hire X amount of employees from here as well.

Grow - Creating a tech district in Downtown could really help revitalize and bring density back into the core. Having either the large or small startups in the area, you will be kickstarting a flurry of startups that want to flock to Calgary to capitalize on the density of the downtown core. These employees, students, companies could assist in development of class-based internships which could result into an increase of better STEM programs and quality candidates

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