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Encouraging Affordable Housing

While building more houses creates more jobs and is awesome, we can further encourage more housing spaces by encouraging people to rent or share their spaces. We can be inspired by LA’s encourageable Share Pods system and create places like those for individuals or encourage others to rent their homes for cheap. There are plenty of houses in Calgary and often they have a lot of room in them. Here is a link expressing how the share pods work. I did not film this, thanks Buzzfeed!

Why is this an ambitious idea?

It is ambitious because we would need to create a system or program to perhaps tie the compatability and reliability of the potential strangers living together. We could create programs and have other innovations tie it all in. For the first test period tennents could take a survey and write how they think it could improve, how they feel it is working, does it suit their needs, so on and so forth. This would be highly reccomended for students, and young adults who need affordable housing. There could be one set of “Pods” for young families, one building of “Pods” for adults and if best, some “Pods” set aside for a quieter environment. We could also try to encourage more Calgarians to rent out their houses for cheap by offering them some sort of incentive such as a Tax rebate or reduced bus pass prices, or incentivize them with placing their area of residence on higher priority snow removal routes.

How do we measure the effectiveness of this idea?

How we would measure the effectiveness of this idea is by survey completion of tennents’ and renters’ satisfaction and if their needs are being met. As well as hopefully people spread their feelings about the system via word of mouth and if more people wish to try “Pod-living” then it will likely express the effectiveness itself. How we currently guage the effectiveness of the idea, take a facebook poll. Get word of mouth spreading, get some feedback and go from there.

How is this idea attainable through the use of technology or data?

This is attainable by sending out survey’s to people digitally and collecting their data. You can put polls out on facebook to see if others would like the idea and would make use of it. I would suggest polling high schools and universities instead of homes as I believe it will be most successfull with people at the ages of 18-30.

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