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HEAT Loss Maps for Every House & Community in Calgary trending idea

PROBLEM: World Wide buildings consume over 40% of all created energy resources while wasting in excess of 50% of the energy used. On average, buildings emit 35% of all Canadian greenhouse gasses and 10% of airborne particulate matter, use 33% of Canada’s total energy production and consume 50% of Canada’s natural resources - of which the majority is used in space and water heating.


WHY WE CARE: It has be estimated that if the City of Calgary were to reduce energy loss by 3-4% from poorly insulated and poorly sealed buildings, it would: (i) save over $33M dollars/year - which could go back into the local economy, (ii) stop the venting of 198K tonnes of unnecessary GHGs, (iii) improve local air quality, (iv) stop wasting valuable energy resources, (v) reduce energy poverty - especially for the elderly and low-income residents in the winter, (vi) support the local green-economy through energy efficiency assessments, renovations, and green-real estate sales, (vii) improve home comfort, and (viii) be good for the environment.


Heat-loss is invisible, so how can we tell where a building is losing heat?


SOLUTION: MyHEAT.ca is an internationally awarded (home-grown) technology startup from the University of Calgary that has created web-based heat-loss maps for pretty much every house in all major Alberta cities, including over 400,000 heat loss maps for single residential buildings in Calgary.


My Idea is for the City of Calgary to work with www.myheat.ca to make HEAT loss information available at the house, community and city level for all Calgary residents - free of charge.


GOOD 4 CITY - GOOD 4 RESIDENTS: This unique heat-loss information at the house level can be used as part of a Calgary Smart-City plan to support local energy-efficiency-retrofits, green-real estate, improve home comfort, save money, and find communities that are losing the most energy. With heat-loss information for every community in Calgary, The City will also be able to define communities most in need of energy efficiency upgrades, and better manage its over 1000 municipal buildings. By supporting this publicly accessible initiative over time, it may also be possible to grow the local green economy, evaluate energy-efficiency retrofit quality from builders, and inspire energy-efficiency competitions for the most energy efficient community, or biggest energy saver over time.



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