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In Support of bike lanes & the bicycle network of Calgary

Bike lanes and the bicycle network of Calgary has become an integral and innovative sector of city transportation. Cultivation of new ideas and investment in better ways of getting around town on a bike has been steadfast as changes in technology (e.g., folding bikes, 700C tires and fenders, E-bikes) and outdoor apparel continue to roll forward. We see from the bike count data obtained from counters at 25 locations (City of Calgary) that May through August have the highest use. Also apparent is a seasonal drop-off (winter vs. summer) and influence of inclement weather (snowstorms and total downpours), which reduces bike use considerably apart from the most serious die-hard bikers. We need to promote this important means of commuter transportation. Here are a couple of suggestions: 1) work with BikeToWorkDayCalgary to reach out to all communities, as they are presently doing. Develop clever short skits to encourage ridership. Appeal to ALL the outdoor equipment and cycling stores in town to show off the latest ideas in cycling technology and apparel, as part of this endeavour. 2) Consider a financial incentive program to boost ridership from 78,000 bikes per month (peak month, June 2016) to 200,000. One possibility might be to offer free rides on City-transit for inclement days of the year. But the more days you ride and the farther you ride per day the more transportation credits you build. We’ll need to develop a system for clocking distance and days travelled on a bike. Such credits would be entirely compatible with the new carbon tax because cycling alleviates output of carbon from a tailpipe, and it also builds healthier stronger citizens in the urban environment.

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