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Invest in AI Education - Start now before it's too late!

In China, the government has invested $1 billion on an Artificial Intelligence (AI) research park.

AI is going to play an enormous part of our future. My suggestion is to give grants to AI programs offered by colleges, universities, etc... Put some standards in place and allow many colleges to apply for these grants. (standards such as: quality, ethics, hands-on learning etc...) Make sure many colleges/universities are offering affordable AI related programs to keep any one school from monopolizing the marketplace. Keep funding only between Government and the schools to minimize influence and corruption.

This will allow the best and brightest to come to Calgary to learn AI and make Calgary the AI hub of Canada, maybe even the world. With an abundance of AI graduates every year, the long-term spinoffs for Calgary will be: innovative solutions being tested right here in our great city, and positioning ourselves as a "smart-city", a world leader in cutting-edge technology. Every single industry is looking to AI to enhance its competitive edge: automotive, aerospace, healthcare, medical, oil & gas, energy, 3D printing, technology etc... Which means businesses will want to be close to the AI hubs.

There's a saying that says every great idea starts with a good idea and is expanded on. Right now, this is a good idea. Please help make this into a great idea by commenting below. How can we make this an even better idea?!

Why is this an ambitious idea?

If we wait five years to invest in AI graduates, it'll be too late. Don't leave it to the schools to come up with the program fees. Tell them to start the programs and have the city pay for most of it, charging the students a nominal fee. Keep the standards high allowing only the best and brightest students to be accepted. The AI program is different from any other programs in that it needs to be singled out and given more funding. The bottom line is the program needs to be affordable for most Canadians.
Calgary cannot wait or we'll be left behind as other cities worldwide are already investing in AI education for its citizens.

How do we measure the effectiveness of this idea?

Calgary can study other cities to find out how they are measuring the effectiveness of their AI education. Do this quick and start implementing a strategy as the "golden opportunity" is going to pass soon.

How is this idea attainable through the use of technology or data?

Technology will be a collaborative effort between the city and the education centers to provide state-of-the-art facilities whereby students can thrive in innovating AI. Students will have to utilize cutting-edge technology create the most advanced AI possible.



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