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Let's ban pet stores from selling non-rescued pets

Animals are bred to be sold while animals in shelters die. There is nothing wrong with those animals! The Vancouver city council unanimously voted to ban the sale of cats, dogs and rabbits from pet stores in the city. Vancouver is seen as an example of modernity. Why can't we do the same in Calgary? Let's ban pet stores from selling animals that do not come from a rescue.

What will change for Calgarians if we solve this problem? (Measurable)

The city re-positions itself as a leader in term of environment protection and animal compassion. Which, for now, is the privilege of BC and other democratic places. The judge at the ceremony of Oath of Citizenship now insists on playing an active role in our communities, with volunteering and offering help to people in need. It is time we walk the walk.

How could we make it happen with technology or data? (Attainable)

Banning the sale of non-rescued pets is in accordance with the Calgarians's traditions and culture. Let's make it happen. It doesn't require much technology to say yes to rescued pets, no to feeding a dark business and cruelty! Animal cruelty is NOT in the Calgarian culture! Thank you

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