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MAKING MORE MONEY...City of Calgary & Reducing Carbon Footprint.

I have a product that will generate more financial income for The City of Calgary, especially the transit division and create additional long term employment for Calgarians first, Albertans and the whole of Canadian citizens everywhere there is active transportation system. It is a simple product that only requires less than 20 minutes procedure for installation, requires no batteries nor electricity to work, just install, put in the necessary items to make it work and it starts to communicate what it does on its own. Please note that, it does not make any sound neither does it create any form of pollution whatsoever. You see it, and you like what it does. More so, it is very useful for everyone entering or exiting the CTRAIN or the Buses. Am sorry I won't be giving too much information on this product as I would like to discuss it further, face to face with the City's representatives.

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