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Mobile/ Regional /Inter-muni/ Inter-Community Business License

To operate a business in Alberta you are required to obtain a business license in the municipality you are working in. Each municipality’s license is set up in a different way. Some have resident and non-resident licenses; others have licenses broken down by business type. That is unless you own and operate your business in a region which has a Mobile Business License.


Inter-municipal business licenses are a low-cost opportunity to reduce the amount of red tape on businesses in Calgary.



It makes it much easier for entrepreneurs working across boundaries to comply with local bylaws, giving them needed flexibility. The renewal dates and administrative burden varies leaving business owners scrambling to keep track. It allows businesses to operate with ease where their services are needed.



It benefits residents by enabling them to have choice and selection in the businesses they would like to utilize. It increases consumer confidence in service providers.



Participating municipalities see increases in revenue, compliance, and they are better able to track who is in their community doing business. It reduces business license application processing, improves information flow between local governments and increases ability to monitor compliance.


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