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Montreal, look how we’ve learned from you and what we’ve become.

Calgary is perceived by many as a boring, business, conservative town. A city where there’s no much to do. However, Cowtown has one of the most educated, multicultural and friendly populace in Canada, and it is surrounded by stunning natural spaces. If only Calgary were a little different…

This city, in my view, needs ubiquitous art, ongoing events that uses technology to AMAZE people, that make them want to stay and talk about it. Calgary should learn from the artsy, bohemian side of Montreal to attract students, immigrants, diversify its economy and become the city that truly has it all in Canada.

Why is this an ambitious idea?

Through the use of technology and art alone we could transform Calgary into a desirable city for young people, students and immigrants both national and international, and increase tourism, art&tech entrepreneurship and diversification. In my view, technology and art does not necessarily require huge amounts of money to transform a place in unimaginable ways.

How do we measure the effectiveness of this idea?

Montreal is one of the most interesting and appealing cities in Canada, at least in regard to tourism, festivals, young people wanting to live there. If we analyze most of the things they do in terms of creativity, we realize that it is an attainable thing for Calgary that could not only transform how the city is perceived, but also attract talent and create diversification. Calgary already has many good sides; watch the videos below to see what else could be possible.

How is this idea attainable through the use of technology or data?

- Use of software, projections, sound, lights, concert equipment
- Giving opportunities to tech entrepreneurs that want to create companies related to art
- Asking for help to entrepreneurs, artists, tech startups, volunteers who desire to transform Calgary
- Attracting video games, visual art companies and artists to the city

Montreal seems to know how to combine art and technology to create amazement in its population and visitors; and knows how to produce magnetism. I have lived in Montreal and visited the city in many occasions, and that feeling of amazement when you are there is real, regardless of the season of the year. Here are a few examples of things we could do like Montreal:

City & Art:

- Outdoor Video Projection - Cite Memoire

- Montreal Mural Festival

- Igloofest

- Montreal en lumiere

- Montreal Pink Balls - Sainte-Catherine Street East

- Fireworks Festival

Music & Art:

- Osheaga Festival

- Montreal Jazz Festival

- Just for laughs festival


  • Reactions of tourists experiencing Montreal:


Other links:

Why we should turn Calgary's empty office towers over to the creative economy


Practical example of something that the city of Calgary could start doing:
- fill the +15 with art, see Montreal Art Souterrain (
- use art inside ctrain cars
- use artistic projections instead of advertisement when possible

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