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One Stop Guide is a program that shows and carries out steps (when triggered by the user) to address Life's Challenges.


It is similar to Wikihow in the sense that it provides steps to address challenges, but different in that it addresses specific challenges (e.g. How to get Car back if it were towed in Calgary) and streamlines the resolution process by incorporating features that can be carried out on a smartphone.


It is similar to Youtube in the sense that it provides valuable information, but different in that it is designed to be simple and convenient to use when facing the challenge. For example, using Youtube to figure out how to get the best deals, while shopping at Costco is not convenient.


I provided sample videos where the program is used to address Life's Challenges below:


(1) Driving Troubles (Towed in Calgary):


(2) Buying at a Big Store (Costco):


(3) Aligning Large Groups of People:


After discussing with ~45 Calgarians some guides that would be of value include:


(1) Getting a Permanent Residency Card in Calgary


(2) Getting a Visa in Calgary (In this example, the program may contribute by having a button to get the user to key forms within the visa application website, a button to open GPS with the visa centre location inputted, and a button to open the Calgary transit website with the visa centre as the destination inputted)


(3) Buying/selling house in Calgary


(4) Making debt, equity, and fund investments in Calgary


(5) Starting a company in Calgary


(6) Flipping a house in Calgary (In this example, the program may contribute by displaying key information such as the number to top contractors in Calgary, average cost of typical upgrades in Calgary (or a link with the information), important strategies to ensure the contractor completes the upgrades effectively, and how to value a house using different valuation approaches with links to valuation calculators)


(7) Addressing housing troubles in Calgary


(8) Addressing driving troubles in Calgary


(9) Handling simple to intermediate legal actions yourself


(10) Handling dangerous person following you (In this example, pressing a button may trigger: (1) GPS location extraction where the location is automatically sent to designated people, (2) conference call, and (3) loud screaming noises.


One Stop Guide contributes by streamlining the information and resource gathering processes, and providing thoughtful references that may be used when stuck. My goal is to create a system where users can create and customize (e.g. Personalize phone numbers) guides at any computer with internet access.



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