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Opt-in bin collection programs (black, blue, green)

Forcing homeowners to pay for bin collection they don't use is a waste of time and money. Many Calgarians are capable of disposing their own garbage, recyclables and compost, and shouldn't be forced to pay into a subscription service they don't use. Naturally, any combination (or all) of these programs should continue to be available for any homeowner who wishes to opt-in.


This change will reduce the amount of street clutter (fewer bins taking up valuable real estate), and encourage the true Calgarian spirit of self-reliance and individual responsibility. Additionally, public collection services won't need to waste valuable taxpayer-time stopping at every home, especially those with empty bins who don't wish to participate.


The green cart program was approved on account of the responses received from the four communities participating in the pilot program in 2012. However, a quick cross-reference of the election map reveals that ALL FOUR of these communities voted for the NPD in the 2015 provincial election. It would seem these communities were strategically selected to guarantee affirmative feedback. Clearly, the feedback from this pilot program lack the political diversity of our great city and are not representative of the average Calgarian. Therefore, freedom of choice in these programs is the only reasonable action going forward.

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