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PAAVAA for An Integrated City

A mobile application that connects people, that need and/or want services conveniently, to local, registered service providers. In the same method, it connects local service providers with customer requests immediatley and conveniently without registration fees or membership fees, and at a flat rate of $3.99 charged to service providers only once they secure a job through the application.


PAAVAA's mission is two-fold, first it is to provide a tool that is an expedient option for getting routine tasks completed (cleaning, junk removal) and that simplifies dealing with problems that arise suddenly (towing, plumbing and auto repair). As well as, being a supportive platform for homegrown businesses that want to add to their customer list and expand their reach at viable costs, and this is all done through leveraging mobile technology to deliver requests immediately and competitively.


Inclusive- This App is for everyone and only requires some basic information from customers, and simple qualification verification from service providers that want to receive requests and service customers quickly and affordably. The application also includes a variety of services, that range from traditional, essential, freelance, to niche and up-and-coming services.


Accessible- Anyone with a smartphone, laptop or desktop can use the application and reach local businesses without having to sift through online search engine results and advertised corporations that might not be relevant, affordable or convenient for customers.


Integrates Smart City Technology- PAAVAA leverages mobile connectivity, and the technological developments that applications have gone through, to address all kinds of queries, requests and needs that a city and its inhabitants have, at affordable rates that support local businesses, and that provide incentive for starting up service-based businesses easily. The application further supports digital work, that can be based from home, and supports a variety of diversified and niche services such as Hair & Beauty, Appliance Repair and Pet Services.


Here's how it works:

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