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What informs Businesses, Organizations and Public Institutions about Black people in Canada? In the absence of accurate information it is inevitable that assumptions are made; assumptions that become the basis for prejudice and discrimination.

Federal statistics indicate that the majority of Canadians who are classified as Black have experienced and continue to face diverse forms of racism in their interaction with Businesses, Organizations and Public Institutions. Improving the multi-cultural experience in the public space is increasingly becoming a national imperative. Problem recognition and willingness, however, are not sufficient to ensure effective change.

To provide in creative and practical ways for Businesses, Organizations and Public Institutions to combat Anti-Black Racism I am hoping to start a Podcast in partnership with any person or Organization. The Podcast will be majorly focusing on Anti-Blackness.

The podcast aims to create strategic solutions find innovative ways to respond to issues about racism as and when they arise. It will also be a platform to continue the conversation on racism in real time and about real day to day issues.

If you would love to create with me lasting change and be a part of a new beginning in our city don't hesitate to contact me.

You can reach me at

If you want to learn more about what I do please check out our website at

Tarrence Evans

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