Voter Experience


This could take a few different forms. But the core idea is to take advantage of immersive social games tools to encourage people to find poling stations, visit those stations, and generate buzz around visiting them.


Games like Pokémon-Go make a profit off using public space for their game-play. Would their developers be willing to help create buzz on election day by positioning better characters, gyms and caches near stations? Could they do this in the public good? Maybe even for other events?


You could also use the platform to convey other geospatial information like location, distance, closing time, how many people are there, how busy it is going to be wait times etc.


There could also be a component of exploration if we removed the requirement to vote at a single location (web based voting would do the same thing). allowing people to take advantage of any adjacent poll - or giving them a reason to head out.


We have an open data platform that might be able to help the game developers "Play along?


(This idea is submitted on behalf of the participants of a Civic Innovation YYC "Idea Lab" session which used this topic as the focus for the event! If you were part of that session or would like to stay connected for updates, comment below!)

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