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Promote Community Engagement - explorcity

How many of you can't find something to do on the weekend? Or how many of you find out too late about an exciting event that you missed? It happens more often than you think.


Those who do put in the effort in trying to find fun things to do with their family and friends usually end up doing a "quick" Google search and end up with tons of results. Although the results are helpful and give you a good idea about what is going on around the city, it can be very time consuming to look through each link since most of the time, each website seems to lack other events that are going on.


This could be solved with innovative technology. An application, explorcity, could be created that would collect events from multiple sources on the web and put it all in one place where users can easily discover things they could do in their city. Using machine learning techniques, the system could learn more about a user and suggest events that they might be interested in.


Explorcity can bring people together and allow people to take part in their city. With this convenient technology, people can become more engaged and aware of all the amazing things the city has to offer. Additionally, it could also promote tourism in the city since it could help visitors explore the city.


Lastly, the greatest thing about explorcity is that it has the potential to grow and have an impact on all the cities around the world. This idea recently won “most scalable technical opportunity” in the Big IDEAS Hackathon hosted by the Hunter Hub at the University of Calgary. Because of how dynamic technology can be, once the application is working for one city, it could easily be spread and adopted in other cities, helping more people become involved in their culture and community.

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