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Promote the use and improve accessibility of open data

City of Calgary has a very awesome open data portal of which I believe it is under utilized. Reasons include lack of promotion of use such as hackathons and learning workshops.


We have a good startup community and alot of eager/creative social entrepreneurs. If the City can promote more events such as opendata hackathons or help advertising tools utilizing opendata and providing more real-time data-sets (ie. free parking stalls available in a given area or emergency room wait times), magic can truly happen. Not only can we create more tech startups, but also more ways to improve the city through the use of technology and data.

Why is this an ambitious idea?

There are alot of highly educated people in Calgary and a very good startup/tech scene. Furthermore, we also have a lot of social entrepreneurs willing to make things better in Calgary, but we need the City's help.

City of Calgary has provided us with an open data portal, but even if we have the data and tutorials on the api, there is a lack of motivation from the City's side to promote Calgarians to utilize these data. As such, most developers are unaware of these data or just not motivated enough to utilize these data.

How do we measure the effectiveness of this idea?

You will probably see a lot more entrepreneurs or people trying to kickstart technology in making this city a more high tech place to be in.

An app that allows people to use AR technology to see what a particular public art is all about? Check
An app that tells you what is the closest garbage can in a Calgary park? Check
How about a website that displays Calgary's top trends for small business owners using demographic and census data? ditto

The opportunities are endless and the City would not need to spend a dime in innovating such products as local tech people would do it for their own reasons.

How is this idea attainable through the use of technology or data?

By providing more platforms for people to learn about your open data portal, more real-time datasets as well as promotion channels to support the development of open data technology, we can make this happen and have calgary become a more connected place.

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