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Reviving the heritage with technology and restructure.

The seed of this idea comes from city’s mission statement for this project combined with the vision I have for Calgary to grow as a culturally enriched city. Calgary’s core downtown culture lacks “street drama” (description below) and needs more shared spaces that are entrepreneurial and allows citizens to come together, create, develop and share ideas. This idea allows development of inner city culture, downtown core (specifically East village) to attract businesses, diverse ideas, and allowing technological developments to flourish while keeping the existing structures intact.


I am a resident of bridge land area in Calgary's inner city, and pass by Bud's office furniture, a heritage building and so many other small buildings within the inner city which can be more communal, can house local new businesses. It can also provide shared space for millennial, boomer's, generation Y and Z to come together explore, share, and communicate ideas. Now, Bud's office furniture building (19 4 street NE) is just a sample example for how the building can be repurposed into something meaningful for downtown core and surrounding areas.


This space can use latest technology that works well with the older structure and juxtapose a unique combination of a space that will allow commercial space, restaurants, and communal space on the floors above that. A café, a restaurant space, local business, and creative space that allows all the members of public to share on time to time basis, create jobs and opportunities to grow with the help of businesses and makes it more inclusive and accessible shared space.

There are more than one such buildings, some in Inglewood, some in Ramsay, Ogden and a few on the west part of Calgary’s inner core. The idea is to develop more shared spaces and cleansing the stereotypical identities that exist in the cultural context of the areas.



*Street Drama- an urban studies term, that allows use of existing structures of foot traffic on sidewalks and promotes people to access the area by walking, cycling and using the space communally. Which, in turn, allows the self controlled patrolling due to the natural proprietary that exists within people to protect their immediate surrounding while sharing the space.

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