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Riverfront life

Calgary is blessed with 2 beautiful rivers running right through town. However ,unlike most other cities with similar natural assets, there is almost NO opportunity in Calgary to sit in a cafe, bar or restaurant on the waterfront. If you think about some of the great river cities in the world, they all make much better use of their water front for social and commercial purposes. Think about strolling from pub to pub along the river Thames in London. Or eating in a restaurant on the water in San Diego. There is no reason we can't do the same in Calgary (during the summer).


Most of Calgary's waterfront is left in a semi-natural state that is great for walking, jogging, etc but often unappealing for picnics or just hanging out. My idea is identify a suitable waterfront location and install temporary patios with attractive tables, chairs, umbrellas, landscaping, etc all offering table service to patrons. Service could be provided from food trucks, temporary modular kitchens or even just as simple beer gardens. This idea could just be a start - perhaps in time and with proven demand the location could transition into a more permanent installation.


Location will require careful consideration for access, parking, foot traffic, etc, etc. Hopefully the area would become a destination all by itself. Some locations to consider could be around the peace bridge, east village, Fort Calgary or even on the Glenmore reservoir pathway south of Heritage Park.


Wouldn't it be terrific to be able to sit on a patio in the sun, enjoying a big rock beer with a view of our beautiful rivers? Let's make it happen!

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