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Smart city ideas.

Sidewalks wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs. Better place sidewalk ramps. Buses running more frequently, with a maximum wait time of 15 minutes. Less buttons to push to cross streets and more automatically changing lights going with the flow of traffic. Two types of city plows, one for roads and one to get rid of the snow pushed onto sidewalks but the plows plowing the roads. LRT stations and bridges that are all weather accessible for those on wheelchairs. Public washrooms at all LRT stations. More grates to reduce street flooding. Not using herbicides on parks. Have all bridges to be wheelchair accessible. I remember getting my passport and the bridge had no ramp to go down, thankfully I do not use a wheelchair. Use as much profits as is reasonable from the oil and gas toward research on sustainable resources or to use sustainable resources. Tax gas more and use some of that tax toward subsiding public transit, like they do in B.C.

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