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Social Calgary Mobility Platform

Shift social responsibility back into the community by creating a socially responsible mobility platform, that allows a city to operates like a village. The platform will be used by both people who are in need of social support, and those able to offer support. The app will act as social infrastructure matching people with what they need for a price they can afford. It will give Calgarians the opportunity to show our can-do neighbourly attitude at a scale that offers real change giving every Calgarian the leg-up they need to be a productive member of our economy.


Affordable housing is isolating, breeds dependency, is stigmatized, and requires ongoing taxes dollars to maintain. Instead of building affordable housing structures create an affordable housing application that allows Calgarian home owners and landlords to list their affordable housing options. Users who are in need of a housing alternative will create online profiles, that will provide information about who they are. Administered by Affordable Housing (or other city department), landlords will have their monthly rent guaranteed making at-risk renters more attractive.


Users of the platform will be Calgarians facing diverse positions in life. They could be single mothers, artists, inventors, students or immigrants. The life situation and need of each individual can uniquely be their own. Their needs will determine the amount of government subsidization to their housing. Costs for renting could be offset to make the housing more affordable to those in more need.


The platform will allow Calgarians looking to be social responsible, but do not know the best way to do so, a great option. The platform need not be limited to housing. Business owners often want to be social responsible, but are deterred by the extensive administration and resources that go into properly managing socially responsible offerings. This means that most businesses feel that they cannot handle all the work involved. This would offer businesses and corporations an easy way to be more socially responsible by taking the work out of social responsibility. Corporations could easily post to the app and will be paired with a person in need.


This would allow the mobility platform to include posting such as: discounted childcare, discounted classes, discounted co-working, job postings or discounted fitness. Spots that might not fill up anyways, could be offered at a discounted rate to someone in need. This gives everyone access to the same thing, but aids those who may have had to go without.


The great thing about it all being done through the app, is that it will properly integrate. The basement suite on your street could be affordable housing. Two children at your childcare could be at discounted rates. The social responsibility would integrate with the community working how social responsibility should work. This would stop stigma, separation, isolation, reduce dependency and prevent most environmental factors that 'trap' people in a circumstance.


Give Calgarians a chance to support their neighbours, and businesses a chance to be socially responsible. Make it easy to make a village out of Calgary.

Why is this an ambitious idea?

It is ambitious because it applies aspects of the share economy to social responsibility. It takes a model similar to Airbnb, and uses the same digital infrastructure, but applies it to a social need. The application is also ambitious, as it would be done in partnership by citizens and the government to create offerings that are integrated with the community.

How do we measure the effectiveness of this idea?

It can be easily compared to other mobility applications that have peer-to-peer interaction, user-generated content, and utilize a share economy (Airbnb, Uber, Kijiji). Mobility applications of this type are effective because they can quickly match demand with need. They are flexible, adaptable, and affordable because they use large networks of users to deliver the services. This will be effective in the same way because it will be created using the same system architecture.

How is this idea attainable through the use of technology or data?

Technology and data is at the centre of this idea. Users will generate the content and the mobility platform will act as the infrastructure to provide the services.

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