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I contacted the City asking to consider 2 way electrical escalators in all old and future train stations like other midern city in the world. The response was poor and incomplete. I replied and never received response. Look my las email:

... ​Hi thank you for your reply and understanding with my request. However your explanation about calgary weather exposure and maintainability is not satisfactory and extremely narrow. Train stations in multiple cities with similar or worse weather than Calgary are using two-way modern electrical escalators and accessibility solutions with positive and cost effective projects. Calgary is falling behind when implementing more sustainable and effective engineering designs (civil, mechanical, electrical, and architectural designs). I would appreciate if you can guide me towards the correct person or group to discuss my points. I think that maybe somebody in the strategic planning and technical team of Calgary Transit and the City of Calgary. I would like to get the opportunity to discuss in person if possible. I would appreciate if you can escalate my request and keep open. Calgary deserve better escalators in multi-level Train Stations.



Thank you...




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