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The Key of Solving Traffic Delay in Rush HR on Deerfoot NE

In afternoon rush hour time, traffic northbound Deerfoot roughly between 32nd Av and Beddington Tr is always incredible busy. That is probably caused by the heavy traffic volume attempting to merge into Deerfoot Tr via 32, McKnight, and 64 exits. Following the expansion of the city and growth of Airdrie, Crossfield, etc, more and more people are living in the far north side of the city who are going to take Deerfoot or Stoney (but too far). Unluckily, the huge Airport area blocks in the between. These people don't have other better choice to go home, so they have to take these busy exits. However, there is another potential solution could be able to solve this problem, it is the Beddington Tr Bridge over Deerfoot. It doesn't have an exit towarding north of it. Therefore, if we could rebuilt it or make 11 st wider and connecting to Deerfoot, I beat it will share lots of duty with 64, McKnight, and 32 exits. And then, the traffic slow section on Deerfoot NE won't be too annoying anymore! 😉

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