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"The Ministry of Silly Walking" crosswalk and plus 15 initiative

Increasing concerns over public sedentary behavior can be disconcerting. With ergonomic workplaces becoming the new norm for the next generation, how do we integrate this new culture of wellness into our community as efficiently as possible? If we create initiatives surrounding the kinds of movements with higher barriers to entry (silly walking), that when engagement does occur the novelty and experience may have the potential to echo throughout your day/week/life.


Monty Python's Silly walking is a perfect example of how one person could do something so simple such as walking, feel completely different.


I imagine music blaring at crosswalks in Calgary's downtown on Canada Day. Where champions of the idea may host silly walk engaging moments with the community.


Norway has shown examples of this:


Now I chose Silly walking but the real message here is to champion a wellness community that is participatory and accountable for physical activity.


Lets evolve and Co-Create a Wellness Community in Calgary.

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