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Use of Drones for surveillance, Patrolling, Traffic... etc.

There are endless possibilities, cost saving and minimum turnaround time with a lots of benefits, which city can avail using Drones for surveillance, Patrolling, Traffic. Reporting, Day-to-Day activities for City of Calgary including but not limited to Infrastructure, Environment, Transportation, Bylaw, Safety, Community etc.

Just using drone is not the limit of this solution... the data gathered by the drone will help AI (Artificial Intelligence) to provide best futuristic view of the city growth.

An IoT (Inter of Thing) solution will be in place to connect --> execute --> report methodology.

What will change for Calgarians if we solve this problem? (Measurable)

"My problem category will now become the benefit for the calgarians...
~ Public & Lay safety: Think about the situation when any unfortunate events happen, when it become dangerous for public as well as law... These drones will be able to do wonders and ensure the safety.
~ City will save cost by using drones instead of helicopters
~ City will get the incident details in matter of minutes
~ Will provide an instant, accurate and better view of incidents, surveillance & monitoring
~ Will help get the bird-eye view instantly with no cost for analyzing development & maintenance of infrastructure
~ Can reach to places where human or other big machines cannot reach
~ Will provide more safety for Calgarians by looking after them all the time
~ Will help in managing Traffic in case of any incidents
~ Can help in searching people/animal/things in case of wide search

The possibilities are endless with an inexpensive and effective system"

How could we make it happen with technology or data? (Attainable)

"To provide a high level plan, here are the things we need to do:

  1. Custom designing of City specific secured drones, which can easily operate within 5km of range. There should be 2 layers of drone flying heights, Low level will capture and secure ground and higher level secure low flying drones in case of any unfortunate events.
  2. Systems to control and capture the data coming directly through the Drones
  3. Infrastructure to implement AI and IoT technology systems
  4. Implement in phases. A pilot/test run should implement focused upon Transportation of calgary, which will include traffic capture and reporting. This will include running the drone on extreme weather conditions.
  5. Once the test run is successful, the next phase will be to start giving more responsibilities with Transportation activities
    IoT will help in capturing all the required data and AI will provide the required information to the City
  6. Once we start getting the planned benefit out of the Transportation, the system will implement on other City services
    I am more excited about implementing the same for public & law safety, but that will require more functionalities in the drone like able to flash police or warning lights, a speaker to warn or inform etc.

This is a prototype and not the detailed plan, but I am sure it will give a sense of what I am trying to propose.

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