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artists in residence in the core

Smart Cities Pitch (Infrastructure)


The Problem:


Calgary continues to have an over abundance of commercial floor space in the core. At the same time, the local arts economy lacks both capital and space for arts entrepreneur especially as well, in the core.


The Pitch:


Calgary could be a world leader in providing a unique “artist in residence” approach that would combine the needs and visions of the business economy with the needs and vision of the arts economy.


This rare joint venture would have the business economy creating at least one space in every city core building for an artist in residence. Painters, writers, musicians and other arts entrepreneurs would be invited into a vacant office space.


The Return on Investment:


For the artists…


• Affordable studio space to create and market their work

• Opportunities to learn network and grow their own business skills in a successful business environment.

• Visibility and voice in the core of a Smart City.


For the business hosts…


• One of the most interesting persons working in the building to have a coffee with or have a small in house seminar on innovative thinking.

• A small innovative and creative learning space in the building where thinking and imaginative conversation moves to a higher level.

• We know that the best leaders in business often come out of the arts programs and economy they bring the creative economy into the heart of the business economy brings the heat.


The Bottom Line:


It could be a big win for both sides as there is a huge gulf of misunderstanding on both sides about the value and importance of each of the two economies. It must never be seen as an act of charity but rather as a fair exchange. The costs for the company would be negligible until of course, there is a renewed wave of demand for core rental space, knocking on the door.


The costs for the artists are also negligible and the “incubator effect” would propel both the artists and the entrepreneurial creative economy forward.


For Calgary, it puts us on the map as a city that does not take both economies for granted and goes beyond lip service to building a more diverse economy in this city. The city might be able to explore using the municipal tax structure as an incentive force in such an initiative.

Why is this an ambitious idea?

it combines the arts economy with the business economy

How do we measure the effectiveness of this idea?

count the number of new arts entrepreneurs that find a home

How is this idea attainable through the use of technology or data?

its a face to face idea, not a high tech idea

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