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autonomous-vehicule transportation network

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This is a call to action to make happen the 'driver-less Uber' concept by getting buy-in by a big part of members of society to commit to reduce the need for vehicle ownership by implementing an open full-fledge vast autonomous-vehicle transportation network. Manufacturers/dealerships would commit to provide the vehicles with a guaranteed minimum amount of use by consumers. There would be diverse type of vehicles. Businesses commit to offer online shopping and use the network by requesting a vehicle according to the needs for the specific delivery. People commit to make a minimum use of the system for people transportation and to buy online locally and the goods would be delivered to their homes. Delivery time would be within the hour so you would only order when someone is available to collect the goods from the vehicle which would let the shopper know when it is in the front of their house. The IoT network would allow to locate the closest suitable vehicle (car, mini-car, drone, etc). The vehicle logic would identify when the car needs to refuel and would automatically drive itself to the gas or electric-power station where the station operator would re-fill them. There would be record of all transactions and payment is done automatically by pre-registered credit-card or pay-by-phone account. People who doesn't make the minimum-agreed use of the network, would anyway pay the un-used portion to guarantee the vehicle providers get paid. Once reaching the minimum, consumers would start paying significantly lower-cost per use. The network would be a city-wide platform. Participation is open to all business and persons. Not everybody has to participate but a minimum number of businesses and consumers would be required for it to become a viable use case.

Why is this an ambitious idea?

Such level of engagement and encompassment would requires city-level coordination and support.

How do we measure the effectiveness of this idea?

Getting the minimum registration required in the network by both consumers and providers

How is this idea attainable through the use of technology or data?

Wireless, big-data, AI, robotic, autonomous navigation and other technologies are required for location-awareness, vehicle-consumer communication, online shopping, vehicle navigation, network management, payments and so on.

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