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non smoking lines

hello I have a great idea on what to do on the smoking areas outside of all of Calgary businesses. my idea is to paint a curved line ( yellow ) around every business entrance to indicate where smoking can be done without seeming rude. the sign on the door would say: "If you have to smoke, please stand beyond the yoke (yellow line)" this is self explanatory and with the word "please" makes the law not seem so demanding. the "(yellow line)" would further explain the word "yoke" as most of us know an egg yoke is yellow. and the line would be painted outside the door at exactly 5 meters as the law states, 5 meters from each corner of the door 90 degrees from the building face, whether its a single door or a double door, and then a circular 90 degree arch back to both sides of the building ( to look like a large capital D with the straight line of the D being the business front.) this would give the patrons a clear message as to where they can and cannot smoke and with a smaller font below the door sign that would indicate the smoking bylaw #++++++++.

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