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Calgary Transit Idea: Transit Card Passes & Fares

The change with Calgary Transit Passes to Card passes is to reduce the monthly fee payment among transit riders and citizens of the costly transit passes that are very close to reaching $100 per pass. The simple way we can reduce the cost of passes and fares is to replace them with new Card Passes and Fares.
Card Passes and Fares will replace a the majority of the paper pass and fare, the costly price of the monthly... more »


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Innovation- Recycling- Manufacturing- Economic Diversification

The premise of this proposal is to use Alberta's existing petroleum production and incorporate environmental sustainability and manufacturing diversification to become a leader in material conversion.
Currently there are no facilities in North America that truly convert petroleum bi-products into raw materials that include nylons, polyesters and natural fibers. We used to ship significant quantities to Asia however that... more »
Why is this an ambitious idea?

This idea is ambitious because it could render Calgary and Alberta a global leader in materials conversion, recycling and re-use. It could reduce waste and improve the environmental health of Calgary, Alberta and Canada. It would enable economic diversification with the use of existing petroleum products, reduction in dependence upon new petroleum products and help us move towards sustainable innovation.

How do we measure the effectiveness of this idea?

The effectiveness of this idea can be measured by considering how much daily material waste is collected; what happens to it and how it impacts the environment. We can then consider what the economic benefits would be if we converted these products locally and see the change in economic stimulus through petroleum bi-product conversion, manufacturing, wholesale and retail sales.

How is this idea attainable through the use of technology or data?

This idea is attainable through technology because innovative technology would be required to create the new facilities, develop advanced sorting systems and conversion processes. Data is limitless as the research and innovation possible with a mega-site would enable us to study and determine optimum conversion processes, means to convert, analysis of materials discarded and potential reuse, sales and market potential, domestic use and foreign use. This facility could render Calgary a legitimate leader in materials processing incorporating technology, data analysis, manufacturing strength and equipment innovation.


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