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Big Data to Impact Decision Making in City Planning

Calgary will use emerging technology to making additions or corrections to existing planning schemes or create new planning systems. Moving forward the City will use data to create unbiased, efficient solutions with lower operating costs, resulting in a more complete response to needs identified by Calgarians.

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HEAT Loss Maps for Every House & Community in Calgary

PROBLEM: World Wide buildings consume over 40% of all created energy resources while wasting in excess of 50% of the energy used. On average, buildings emit 35% of all Canadian greenhouse gasses and 10% of airborne particulate matter, use 33% of Canada’s total energy production and consume 50% of Canada’s natural resources - of which the majority is used in space and water heating.

WHY WE CARE: It has be estimated that... more »
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Anti-Racism Capacity Building Fund

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I have been working on Anti Racism and am currently a Director with the Rutland Park Community Association for the last seven years, we are a non profit society in good standing with liability insurance, we would like to collaborate with individuals or groups that align with our "Inclusive and diverse communities" vision statement, we can assist in writing the grant application.

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