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City of Calgary Mayor's Innovation Challenge

reduce waste & produce moisture retaining compost

We are currently reducing GHG by reducing the amount of waste headed to the landfill. The moisture retaining compost that is created is excellent for use on all kinds of locations, gardens, farmlands, yards etc.

In Calgary alone there are approximately 90,000 diaper aged children, they use on average 5,000 diapers from newborn to potty trained, that is over 110,000,000 diapers a year! This does not include any adult... more »


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Efficient, Innovative & Better Every Day

Opt-in bin collection programs (black, blue, green)

Forcing homeowners to pay for bin collection they don't use is a waste of time and money. Many Calgarians are capable of disposing their own garbage, recyclables and compost, and shouldn't be forced to pay into a subscription service they don't use. Naturally, any combination (or all) of these programs should continue to be available for any homeowner who wishes to opt-in.

This change will reduce the amount of street... more »


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