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Startup to provide sustainable co-housing and provide jobs

A startup that will provide venture capital for co-housing of different types (community, dorm-style) and create jobs is what the city needs. This is not a typical social housing but catered to those who are working or receiving pension or new to the City with annual income of $xxxxx. The idea of living in an affordable "community" and make it sustainable or even create jobs that members would be benefit from is timely.... more »
Why is this an ambitious idea?

We heard of families or citizens struggling during the economic downturn, unable to pay mortgages. There's so much hype on home ownership which eventually drive prices up and so in a downturn, people are not prepared for the worse.

The City of Calgary should be a "leader" in shifting the paradigm that "home ownership" is not about pricey homes or getting mortgages. It's about making living sustainable and affordable, thus creating "happy" citizens.

The idea is inspired by San Francisco's StarCity model ( and Netherlands' cohousing initiatives (

How do we measure the effectiveness of this idea?

The startup business model (venture capital, business group, resources, business monitoring, etc.)

How is this idea attainable through the use of technology or data?

You can make use of current technologies like 3D print a home ( or use of recycled lumber, home smart solutions that you can monitor via an Apple iPad or Android tablet.

Residents can respond to surveys like measure their happiness or satisfaction, monitor success or failure of their work or business, etc.


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City of Calgary Mayor's Innovation Challenge

The Saaf web platform/app – Democratizing the residential clean

Saaf's Vision: Democratize the residential clean energy transition.

Saaf, means clear/pure in Hindi and rings true with our vision and will enable cities like Calgary to become more resilient and sustainable. Our proposed web platform/app will help residential consumers with taking action on energy efficiency retrofits.

The single largest deterrent in unlocking the potential for wider adoption of energy efficiency retrofits... more »


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