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Better bus back doors

As I am a frequent transit user I have noticed many things about the buses etc.

One thing I've noticed more than others is people struggling to open the back door, for one reason or another.

My idea is that we change the current back doors to mirror those on the new trains. One button on one of the doors, one simple push and it opens, no holding a handle or waving to a sensor.

This will also come with a red light to... more »
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Beet ice and snow before Calgarians erupt

Beet 55 and Zeolite as snow and ice removers are a great innovation I first recall hearing about in the 1990's on a CTV news report about this idea by University of Colorado researchers.
I then followed up with my own research on this topic(not applied, but other reports os same). This idea then reverberated in my thinking since that time.
Due to the last few years of very unwalkable and slippery streets as senior... more »
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A Vibrant, Safe Intersection


Everybody loves seeing and being seen on the big screen at the Saddledome. People are drawn to the lights and the energy of Times Square.
Let's implement a large-scale display visible from all points of the intersection, and rather than advertising, let's display interactive artworks, images of Calgary's history, tweets/texts and things happening on the intersection in the present day.
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Help Snow Plows Avoid Wind Rows

There is a company that manufactures and sells a gate that is attached to standard snow plows. When this attachment is secured to a standard snow plow, it helps (during plowing) guide the snow away from a driveway or side road -- thereby avoiding the creation of a "wind row". Many videos of this product are demonstrated on You Tube. Here is a name of a company I saw on You Tube: Ironex (Ken Sawchuk)

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A Vibrant, Safe Intersection

A Joyous Noise - Dueling Street Pianos! trending idea

It can be hard to compete with the noise from the C-Trains, but that shouldn't stop us from trying!
Public pianos on at least two corners of the intersection means that more people could hear the pianos being played over the sound of the trains when they are present, and could create friendly 'dueling piano' interactions and spontaneous events when people are waiting for the next train to come along.
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MAKING MORE MONEY...City of Calgary & Reducing Carbon Footprint.

I have a product that will generate more financial income for The City of Calgary, especially the transit division and create additional long term employment for Calgarians first, Albertans and the whole of Canadian citizens everywhere there is active transportation system. It is a simple product that only requires less than 20 minutes procedure for installation, requires no batteries nor electricity to work, just install,... more »
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Using recycled plastic lumber instead of treated lumber

We manufacture plastic lumber out of post consumer plastic generated from recycling programs in Alberta. Unlike other recycled products our goal is to utilize less desirable items like plastic bags, Tide containers etc. These items tend to end up in the landfill as there is a very limited market for the product. We have decided to change that we manufacture linear lumber, fence posts and and parking curbs in effort to... more »